Where else in Central Florida can you find Koegel brand Pickled Bologna and Koegel brand Vienna Hot Dogs?! Here at Steve’s Pickle Place. We also have a host of imported Greek Olives and other specialty products. AND-PICKLES, PICKLES, PICKLES! New York Half Sours and Full Sours, Pickled Tomatoes,Southwest Sweeties, Pucker Sours, Ginger Snaps, Hot Garlic Dill, Horse Bites, Dutchs’ Pickle, Hots, Sweet Gar-leek, Crunchy Dill, Garlic Dill and Jumbo Kosher Dill on a Stick. Stop by our booth for Fun and Memories. Where we always offer free samples so you can taste the difference.

Booth : P205,P207,P209

Phone : 407-925-8700

Email : stevespickleplace@yahoo.com

Website : stevespickleplace.com