Pet strollers;  for up to 150lb dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets, raccoons, skunks and other pets.
Pet apparel; bandanas, bikinis, boots, bows, caps, visors, dresses, jackets, jerseys, pajamas, raincoats, sweaters, tee shirts, custom tees airbrushed, Tuxedos, Wedding Dresses, aloha shirts and biker apparel.

Cages; wire folding and soft side.

Carriers; front legs in & legs out, purse, shoulder, totes on wheels, bike baskets, airline approved carriers.

Car booster seats, car restraints, car safety  barriers, bowls, brushes, collars, couplers, leashes, no tangle cable tie out,  harnesses, Doggles eye protection, Bike Helmets, Life Jackets, puppy pads, muzzles, poop bags, pet steps, Playpens, pet pillows, shampoos, toys, treats, Thundershirt anxiety shirt.

 See the “Doggie Idol” on or Facebook. We also have DVD’s in the store. Thanks to all that participated and helped.

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Booth: B242,B244,B246,B248


Phone: 386-956-5338


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