Professional teeth whitening.

Our office at the Daytona Flea Market is located in the air condition corner shoppes. We offer a private safe and clean setting for your teeth whitening. No appointment needed! You may call us for an appointment @ (757) 748-0207 Visit our website at or on Facebook:

Our teeth whitening treatment gives you a bright smile without the high cost of take home trays or office visits!  Teeth whitening in a relaxed, safe and comfortable environment. How we whiten your teeth

We are currently using our new specialized mouth piece, which we refer to as aBite Registration Tray.

The concept from the beginning was for our research & development team to create a custom tray. This tray is equivalent to those made in dental offices which will hit all surfaces of the teeth while being whitened.

Our development team has added a”Photoinitiator” to our product which is not present in other systems. They also added a pleasant mint flavor to both theBite Registration Trays & the Carbamide Peroxide

Frequently Asked Questions


The FDA has recently determined that teeth whitening is a cosmetic process and not necessarily a dental procedure. Since it is a cosmetic process, we use teeth whitening technicians and not a dentist. The process is self-administered cosmetic procedure.

Booth Location(s):  Corner Shops 38,59,58
Phone Number : 757-748-0207