Camo Corner & Skins, Etc. is your headquarters for the Bucked Up apparel line, Country Boy & Country Girl, Buckwear and Mossy Oak clothing from bathing suits to tees. We also carry hand-crafted solid leather belts from Mexico, women’s fashion sandals from Italy in sizes 6 – 10, motorcycle boots for men and women, all-leather gloves plus a full line of Ely western shirts. Our unique Ocean Waters line and Ocean Slayer line of fishing inspired shirts in long and short sleeve are exclusive to Skins, Etc. We are located on Row B-South, just south of the access road.

Visa, Mastercard and Discover are accepted and layaway is available!

Booth Location(s) : B249,B251,B252,B253,B254

Phone : 386-427-2473

Email :

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